Sunday, 30 September 2012


count down ING~ to the SPM!!!!!

i am just so nervous as it is 35 more days to go~
i dont even prepare and confidence to my exam..
although i might regret not getting prepared for SPM,
but, i am happy towards my days..
i am quite busy this lately especially SPM is around the corner..
i had BC camp that i would never forget..
i had attend the sport day of primary school that full of memory~
i spend lots of time with my buddies although it's kinda wasting time..
i went for missionary trip with my family at cambodia & vietnam and as a vacation~
form 5 life is just AWESOME!!!!! :D 
high school life is fantastic!!! :)

thanks GOD! 
thanks JESUS!
 thanks Family~ 
thanks friends and buddy~ :)
thank you for being good to me~ 

NOW, is the time to do my best for the final high school exam ___ SPM!!!
wish all mates have a nice day and focus on the exam~ :)