Thursday, 15 September 2011

HEY YOU! this is my LIFE! :)

 Hello guys! I am Rachel Hoo.. I had many nick name since i started study.. they called me LYCHEE first .. and I do love eat Lychee! and so HI, i am just a normal girl.. i believe in Jesus Christ, now and forever..  Here, a big LOVE first from me to you guys! :) First meet present!  teehee! :D

HERE! in my right and so yours... 
Me and my bestie! :D 
Nerine So, Mishiko Tan, Joevie Tan and ME.. 
There is 2 more bestie but they are not in here.. :) We are friends since primary school.. our Friendship is strong and there's no one would break this up.. :) hope we'll be together forever, yar??? :D love you all, Partygirl

and this! on my LEFT!!! :) my bapoo friend, SOPHIA TAN! We are sister in Christ! and i do LOVE her.. we are friends since small, but we are really good since secondary school.. just suddenly, become very very good! i liked to bully her, i cant live without her.. XD  she helps me a lot, and cares for me, i do really LOVE her! GIL, GBY, girl! :D

and >>>>>> this, is my funny and special friends.. she is ELYNN ENG! :) seriously, i just can meet her not more than 10 times a year.. such a painful friendship.. :( but i dont know why, i do like her.. and i felt very sorry to her because i am mean! YES, i am MEAN! i abandoned her when i was Form 1.. we went to MRSM together, and i just left her there.. very2 SORRY! :( but, i know, GOD will lead you , lead me.. serve for GOD yar? :)
 GOD bless.. love you sister! :D

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